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[Download] SolidWorks 2007 Lightest Version – Link GoogleDrive

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SolidWorks-2007 is the lightest version, can run on Windows XP, the capacity is only more than 3Gb. Meet the basic needs. If you like compactness, this version is the best choice for programmers like us

Operating system software support

+ Windows-XP

+ Windows Vista 32/64bit

+ Windows-7 32/64bit

+ Windows-8/8.1 32/64bit

+ Windows 10 32/64bit

Detailed installation instructions with pictures

Before installing the software, you need to turn off antivirus software and Windows Defense

+ Step1: Download and extract SolidWorks-2007 software with password

+ Step2: Run swlauncher.exe and select Install SolidWorks

+ Step3: Click Next to continue

+ Step4: Select the software you want to install and then Next

+ Step5: Select Destination Folders

+ Step6: Enter Key according to the instructions as shown below

+ Step7: Continue to select Next as shown below

+ Step8: Select Install to start the software installation

+ Step9: Wait for a few tens of minutes depending on your computer configuration

+ Step 10: Select Finish when the software installation is complete

+ Step 11: Go to the folder as shown below

+ Step 12: Run sw2007cr.exe and select Target File as shown below

+ Step 12: Select the file sldappu.dll

+ Step 14: Select Start

+ Step 15: OK Done!

Now let’s do it!

Link Download Software ( GoogleDrive)

>>> Download SolidWorks-2007 Software.RAR

Password Extract:

Thanks for reading!

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