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[Download] SK-Workshop Samkoon HMI Software (Real 100%)

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SamKoon HMI is China HMI touch screen line, with the strong point of only studying industrial computer HMI and IPC solutions, supporting a lot of PLCs, the interface is somewhat similar to HMI Weintek, the price is also very cheap. The weakness of HMI Samkoon is that as you know it is from China, the product standards are not as standard as Japan or other countries.

However, if you only run universal applications, Samkoon HMI is a very good solution because the price is very low, the durability is 3-5 years or more. HMI Vietnam specializes in distributing SamKoon HMI and repair service for replacement of touch panel components, LCD for SamKoon HMI from 4.3 inch to 7 inch, 10 inch, 12.1 inch …

SKWorkshop software for SK Series series

  • Video tutorial for installing software (Download link at the end of the article) :
  • Installation instructions for images :

+ Step 1 : First, download the software in the article and then extract it

+2 : Click on file Setup then “Next”

+3 : Choose “I accept the agreement” then “Next”

+4 : Select Destination Location then “Next”

+5 : Creat a desktop icon

+6 : Select Install to start the software installation process

+7 : Wait for the installation process to take place in a few minutes

+8 : End the software installation process

And we successfully installed the software, now work with SamKoon HMI

>>> Link Download Software (Google Drive with ads) :

+ Download SK-Workshop Samkoon Software.RAR

If there are any problems during the installation process please comment below the post

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