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[Download] OPC KEPServerEX-V4 for Windows 10,8,7

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KEPServerEX is an extremely famous OPC ( OLE for Process Control ) software in the industry

KEPServerEX is the industry’s leading interconnection platform, providing an industrial automation data source for all your applications. Platform design allows users to connect, manage, monitor and control various automation devices and software applications through an intuitive interface.

+ IoT-ready, connecting operations with IT and enabling Business Intelligence and Operational Excellence to spread throughout the enterprise

+ Integrate with IT applications so you can capture your production assets anywhere, anytime.

+ Enhance message security through SSL and TLS, thereby encrypting, authenticating and ensuring the safety of information transmitted through different network structures.

+ Enhance application security to meet website security requirements.

+ Sophisticated access control to servers, data sources and data values.

+ There are plenty of backup options to ensure resilience, high reliability, and uptime in critical applications.

+ The interface is streamlined for installation, configuration, maintenance and troubleshooting are simpler.

  • Instructions for installing the software (Link Download at the bottom of the article)

+ Step 1 : Download and extract the software

+ 2 : Run the file setup.exe to install the software

+ 3 : Choose Next

+ 4 : Select I accept the terms of the license agreement then Next

+ 5 : Choose Destination Folder

+ 6 : Select Next consecutively 3 times to start installing the software

+ 7 : Wait for the software to install for a few minutes

+ 8 : Click OK

+ 9 : Install the software successfully and select Finish

+ 10 : Open the software and go to Help> License a Plug-in …

+ 11 : Select the Industrial communication method in which you want to install the Driver ( Here I choose Siemens S7-200 )

+ 12 : The software will ask us to enter the License

+ 13 : Open the extracted folder and run the keygen file with admin rights

+ 14 : Select Driver Name similar to the Driver you chose in step 11

+ 15 : Proceed to copy the License and the item in step 12

Continue to select Yes

+ 16 : Copy Computer ID

Paste into the Computer ID section of the keygen , then copy Unlock Key

and Paste Unlock Key into the Password section of the software


>>> Link Download Software ( GoogleDrive – Easy for Download )

+ [Download] OPC KEPServerEX-V4 Software.RAR

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