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[Download] NB-Designer HMI Omron Software (Real 100%)

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NB-Designer software is used to design all HMI NB series as :

+ NB3Q

+ NB5Q

+ NB7Q

These are cheap but very good quality lines of OMRON

  • Installation video tutorial (Download link at the end of the article) :
  • Installation instructions for images :

+ Step1 : After downloading the software, click on the setup file and select “Run”

+ Step 2 : Choose setup Language then “Next”

+ Step 3 : Click “Next”

+ Step 4 : Choose Destination Location then “Next”

+ Step 5 : Click “Install”

+ Step 6 : Waiting for the installation process to take place

+ Step 7 : Choose “Finish”

OK, done. Now we proceed to open the software and work with HMI ^^

>>> Link Download Software (Google Drive – High Speed Download) :

+ Download NB-Designer Omron Software.RAR

If there are any problems during the installation process please comment below the post

Thanks for visiting website ^^

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