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[Download] G9SP Configurator OMRON Software

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G9SP Configurator is a dedicated software for programming Safety Controller of OMRON

G9SP Configurator supports programming of the following models:

+ G9SP-N10D-Ver.1, G9SP-N10D-Ver.2

+ G9SP-N10S-Ver.1, G9SP-N10S-Ver.2

+ G9SP-N20S-Ver.1, G9SP-N20S-Ver.2

Recommended Configuration

+ Windows XP, Windows-7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10

+ CPU 1Ghz or Higher

+ RAM > 1GB

+ DISK >200MB

+ Display: High-luminance display of SVGA (800 × 600) min. With 256 colors min.

Video instruction to install G9SP Configurator

>>> Download G9SP Configurator (GoogleDrive – High Speed Download)

+ Download G9SP Configurator OMRON Software (Password:

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