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[Download] CX-One_V4.5 / CX-Programmer_V9.7 (GoogleDrive)

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Hello everyone, the previous website has shared with you the CX-ONE V4.4 software (CX-Programmer V9.61). Today keeps sharing with you the new version of CX-One V4.5 software completely free.

This version has many upgrades to make the software in the CX-One package work better, and the software also supports working with the latest OMRON devices.

The shared version is a fully featured and complete version, you just need to download and use it without worrying, the CX-One software includes:

+ CX-Programer Ver.

+ CX-Simulator Ver.2

+ SwitchBox Utility Ver.1.6.9

+ CX-Designer Ver.3.7.3

+ NV-Designer Ver.2.2.1

+ CX-Integrator Ver.2.6.6

+ CX-Drive Ver.

+ CX-Motion Ver.2.39..0120

+ CX-Motion Pro Ver.

+ CX-Motion MCH Ver.2.3.2

+ CX-Motion NCF Ver.1.9.4

+ CX-Position Ver.2.5.2

+ CX-Thermo V4.6.8

+ CX-Protocol Ver.2

+ CX-Process Tool Ver.

+ CX-Sever Ver.

+ …

Video for installing software CX-One V4.5

>>> Link Download CX-ONE V4.5 ( GoogleDrive – High Speed Download)

+ Download CX-One_V4.5 / CX-Programmer_V9.7.RAR

Password Extract:

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