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[Download] Altium Designer V19 Software (Real 100%)

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Altium Designer 19 is one of the PCB electronic circuit design software.

It is the most popular drawing board design software available today and directly competes with the Protues software .
It was developed by software company Altium Limited based in Australia. Altium Designer 19 is the latest version to date .

  • New functions are available in the V19 version :

+ Optimize the toolbar and working interface to help design engineers increase productivity

+ Library is rich and constantly updated, you can also create your own library

+ Ability to customize design ideas with a large sample library of ideas

+ Improve the speed and accuracy of the automatic wiring function

+ Optimize the software to help stable operation, without computer crashes

  • Installation video tutorial (Download link at the end of the article):
  • Installation instructions for images :

+ Step 1 : Download Altium Designer and Patch file at the end of the article and then extract

+ 2 : Go into the Altium_Designer_19.1.1 folder

+ 3 : Choose Next

+ 4 : Select I accept the agreement then Next

+ 5 :Select the functions you want to install and then Next

+ 6 : Choose Destination Folders then Next

+ 7 : Click Next to begin the installation process

+ 8 :After installation is complete. Uncheck “Run Altium Designer” and then click Finish

  • Unlock Software ( Turn off the software if it is running )

+ Step 9 : Open the “Patch Altium Designer” folder

+ 10 : Proceed to copy the file Altium Designer 19.alf as the image below

+ 11 : Open the software, after the software has finished booting select “Yes, I want to …” and then click OK

+ 12 : You choose “I Standalone license file”

+ 14 : Navigate to the file “Altium Designer 19.alf” and select it (in the Patch folder)

+ 15 : The software has been Unlock and is used until 2030 ^^

>>> Link Download Software (Google Drive – Fast Download Speed) :

+ Download Altium V19 Software.RAR

+ Download Patch Altium V19 file

If you have any problems during the download or installation of the software, please contact me! Thank you ^^

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