About Me !

Hello friends ! Thank you for always accompanying the website.

I am October, I like October is just like that! My daily work is to improve and program automated chains! I contacted many different automakers but mainly Japanese firms like OMRON, KEYENCE, MITSUBISHI … In the process of working, I met many new lines of PLC, HMI, Servo, Inverter, so I had to go online to search for software! There were many times when it took me a long time to find software that affected the company’s production!

>>> It is my motivation to create this website to gather all the automation software for people to download when needed easily! Along with that I will also make video tutorials on PLC programming, HMI design, automation tips! You have any questions about automation can ask questions through the contact or comment directly in the article as well as create posts in the forum!

Thank you for always supporting the website!